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  • Reduce space. Increase revenue. Maximise return.

  • We help make agile working a reality

  • Delivering a real competitive advantage

Our Services

Storage Consultancy

Looking to consolidate storage to make better use of your real estate? We provide strategic direction for filing and storage management: what and where to consolidate, give you a plan to get there, and aid the introduction of Agile Working and Best Practices.


The first step in tackling a problem is to quantify the size of it! A full storage audit is a key part of any Discovery Phase we undertake. As well as completing an audit, we will make an assessment of current operating structures and practices. We are able to benchmark both internally and across industry sectors.

Change Management

We are able to implement recommended Best Practice Guidelines within your organisation, using our proven techniques.

Move Management

Expanding upon our years of experience in the move mapping of storage, we also offer full corporate move management services.

Why Us?

  • 35 years of expert consultancy. Thorough planning, client specific considerations and careful coordination has seen us achieve up to 90% reductions in storage space.
  • Reduced storage results in freed office space. To date, we have saved enough storage space to stretch from Earth to the International Space Station and back, and then some!!
  • Tailor made services that are agile and flexible. Through our consultancy, we consider: compliance, internal intiatives, design aesthetics to ensure best use of the real estate.
  • Everybody benefits in your workplace. By improving storage and archive best practices, and increasing efficiency and knowledge, ongoing results can be achieved. These include sustainable solutions, Agile Working, improved workzones and collaborative workplaces.
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  • "Our Linear Meter storage was significantly reduced by just under 70% with each move and this owed much to the efficient solutions provided by Regans."

    - Lee Taylor, Corporate Communications (Europe)

  • "This gradual process over a period of 18 months meant we achieved an overall reduction in onsite filing of 64%. This far exceeded our original expectations and meant that we moved to our new building with space to spare."

    - Move team