Wragge Graham Lawrence & Co.

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co used the relocation to a brand new office building as a catalyst for change by taking the opportunity to modernise working practices. One of the most significant changes was the move away from reliance on paper and towards the electronic matter file. The original aim was to reduce the office based paper filing by between 25-50% which required a cultural shift to make the electronic matter file the first point of reference for Fee Earners. This reduction was an initial estimate and a requirement for the firm to be able to fit into the new office space. J.G.Regan was employed to assist the firm in achieving this target by advising on various business improvement initiatives to drive the required reductions and by carrying out regular filing audits to monitor progress. Through a series of initial Fee Earner interviews and a physical count John produced an action plan for each of our legal teams. These included target reduction figures by area and individual and were invaluable in identifying areas/individuals where particular attention and assistance was needed. The initial consultancy evaluation of space the audit team conducted and the subsequent report assisted us in defining our future filing strategy. John and his team carried out regular filing audits throughout the project and from these provided the legal teams with progress updates on how well they were doing. In support of this and to maintain momentum the legal teams were provided with the essential next stage milestones to ensure they continued to achieve their required reductions. John and his team provided continuous support and guidance throughout the process, assisting us with resolving issues and targeting areas of difficulty within each team. This gradual process over a period of 18 months meant we achieved an overall reduction in onsite filing of 64%. This far exceeded our original expectations and meant that we moved to our new building with space to spare. The culture shift required to ensure the success of the project was achieved with the help and expertise John and his team brought to the whole process. They advised on tried and tested methods that gave the Fee Earners the confidence to change the way they worked. The physical office move itself was greatly assisted by John and his team who methodically mapped every file from its existing to its new location. The smooth transition to our new building meant that not a single file was misplaced or lost during the process.