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We offer a variety of services, for SMEs to blue-chip corporations. Please read more below.

Storage Consultancy

Strategic decisions to identify change opportunities. We consult on strategy for sotrage practices within your business, helping to steer committees and directors to ensure these issues are taken from the back-office to the boardroom.

Leverage opportunities to improve. We are specialists in helping create opportunities for maximising real estate value, such as using moves and consolidation as a catalyst to change.

Realistic and dependable results. We have reduced filing across a range of industries and sectors, and use our experience to accurately create realistic benchmarks for filing and rationalisation.


Realign knowledge about your company. A full storage audit is a key part of any Discovery Phase we undertake. As well as completing an audit, we will make an assessment of current operating structures and practices.

Proven solutions at any scope. Our project report will highlight key information and indicators, and put forward solutions to achieve a reduction in global-, departmental- or team-level filing.

Benefits all round. An accurate quantification of storage levels is an essential tool in floor design, furniture and media selection, cabinet specification and orders, and move preparations.

Change Management

Implement change effectively. We have a wealth of experience in managing change to achieve our client's flexible working goals. We can successfully implement Best Practice Guidelines, including Agile Working, 'Paperlite' environment and help to introduce 'Office of the Future' initiatives, that will bring your company to a more modern and efficient working model.

Rally your workforce. We understand that when facing change, staff are often apprehensive. Through encouraging, educating and engaging users, our teams are able to obtain user buy-in, presenting change as a positive step.

Tailored to your needs. We customise our projects to solve problems and achieve goals that are unique to your company.

Move Management

Experienced advice. We are able to offer years of successful storage relocation experience in ensuring your corporate move is managed effectively.

Ready for day one. Although perhaps not the obvious priority of the relocation project team, if the storage is not in the correct place immediately after moving, it will quickly become a business critical risk. We work with our clients, project managers, move managers and contractors to ensure storage is mapped from and to its correct destination - nothing left to chance.

Move management. Expanding upon our storage move experience, we also offer full and comprehensive move planning and services.

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